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Terms & Conditions

1) Goli Vada Pav Pvt. Ltd. is running a QSR by the trade name Goli Vada Pav (hereinafter referred to as “Goli”). There will also be Delivery of food to customers who desire to avail of the service by the name Goli Delivery Services(hereinafter referred to as GDS).

2) GDS is specially designed for customers who place orders through GDS on the GDS Mobile Application/ GDS Website “”/ GDS Phone Number (“GDS Number”) at GDS Outlets located anywhere in India operated by Goli Vada Pav Pvt. Ltd. (“GVP”) and its franchisee.

3) It shall be the responsibility of the customer to ensure that delivery instructions are clear and concise.

4) The acceptance of order shall be at the entire discretion of GVP and/Franchisee.

5) It is clarified that GDS is not available at all Outlets of GVP. Please check with the GDS Mobile App or Website to confirm whether GDS is available in your area. Delivery area of each outlet is limited and decided at the discretion of the Franchisee / Owner of the outlet.

6) GVP reserves the right, in its sole discretion, without limitations, conditions and/or qualifications, and without need of prior notification, to limit, change, modify or cancel any order, and/or to refuse any service to any customer for any reason attributable to the unavailability of the items ordered, or other circumstances and conditions beyond the control of GVP’s which would render impossible or delay the fulfillment of its obligations.

7) GVP reserves the right to refuse or to accept or to cancel any order from any customer beyond the delivery area or otherwise.

8) Delivery orders are subject to:
a) Customer addresses falling in the delivery area (area within which GDS is available) of the nearest Outlet. The delivery area is defined from time to time by GVP at its discretion and is subject to change.
b) The delivery address being mapped to the nearest Outlet that delivers in customer area.
Availability of Goli’s products.
c) In case the delivery locality is not listed in the Outlet map, delivery orders cannot be placed.

9) Once the order has been placed it cannot be changed or cancelled by the customers for any reason.

10) The price of the Goli’s products are inclusive of Value Added Tax (VAT) & service taxes.

11) The customer is liable to pay delivery charges (at present Rs. 15/-, Fifteen)) per order placed through GDS plus service tax and other taxes as and if may be applicable from time to time.

12) GVP shall use its best efforts to meet the scheduled delivery time conveyed by the GDS APP/Website/ Call Center on the phone to the customer, however, it does not guarantee these delivery timelines in every case. GVP shall not have any liability to customer if the customer’s order fails to meet in whole or in part such scheduled delivery time.

13) It is customer’s responsibility to ensure that customer himself/herself or an appropriate person is available at the delivery address and he/she must pay in full for the order placed through GDS. If customer or appropriate person fails to be present for GDS, GVP/ Franchisee is entitled to charge the customer in full the amount of order and the cost of delivery.

14) Upon delivery, customer shall pay in cash all fees and charges (including delivery charges, if any, mentioned above) incurred in connection with the order, including any and all applicable taxes, at the rate in effect when the charges were incurred.

15) GVP reserves the right to reject the Delivery order or to cancel the same once it is accepted:

a) In case GVP is unable to contact the customer due to any reason whatsoever on the mobile / landline number of the customer as provided by the customer at the time of placing the order;
b) In case of non receipt of payment in full or in part in any previous order;
c) In case of abuse to any employee/ representative /riders of GVP in any previous incident;
d) If there is a trend of order cancellations;
e) If there is a trend of frequent complaints and consequent replacements;
f) If customer has provided wrong, inaccurate, incomplete or incorrect address;
g) If customer’s address is not falling in defined delivery area of the nearest or any other Outlet or beyond the delivery area of GVP;
h) In view of difficult operating conditions for GDS like heavy traffic or bad weather condition or New ’Year’s eve, during Local festival, Christmas and Navratri, political rallies, Public Holidays, Governmentt Holidays etc.
i) In any other event at the sole discretion of GVP, without the need to assign any reason or explanation.

16) Menu and prices are subject to change without notice. Prices of products at the outlet and GDS, or any aggregator which is promoting our products for sale, may differ for some or all products, at the sole discretion of GVP.

17) GVP may change the terms of, or add new terms to, these Terms and Conditions at any time, with or without cause, and without giving notice.

18) In case of any dispute with respect to GDS, the decision of GVP shall be final and binding on all concerned. Disputes, if any, are subject to the jurisdiction of the competent court/s at Mumbai only.

19) GVP reserves the right to call customers, on their registered phone number or the number from which the order has been received, in case of order placed over the phone, to confirm orders, before delivering orders. GVP solicits the feedback of customers on the services provided and hence reserves the right to call Customers on their registered number for feedback, which will be used to improve in processes. GVP reserves the right to call customers on their registered number in the GDS system or on the phone number from which a customer may have called to place any complaint or / and feedback , to confirm the situation or / and status of the situation or / and feedback.

20) Our Food Products / Products are made with ingredients that may lose their desired flavor and /texture if not consumed within a certain period of time. Please: Consume Immediately after accepting the delivery. In case you wish to refrigerate, please wait for the products to cool down to room temperature before placing in the refrigerator. When you take the products out of the refrigerator and if you wish to heat in the microwave, please heat in microwave, without any wrapper or packaging material whatsoever and consume immediately. Do not put it back in the refrigerator. In case you do not refrigerate the products, please take care not to expose it to sunlight or external heat. We do not guarantee optimum taste in case you mix the Goli products with some other food products.

21) GVP reserves the right to record any/all incoming calls on all the contact numbers, that any person may deem, to contact GVP or it’s employees through. The said calls will be used for training and Quality improvement purpose.

22) The timings of GDS in general is 11 am to 21:45 pm. GVP , however, reserves the right, in its sole discretion, without limitations, conditions and/or qualifications, and without need of prior notification, to limit, change, modify the timings 0f operations. GVP also reserves the right , in its sole discretion, without limitations, conditions and/or qualifications, and without need of prior notification, to stop delivery services or outlet operations , at any given time.

23) GVPL does not guarantee that the Call centre/ Website/ App will be active at all given times, as GVPL is dependent on third party services for the same.

24) It is clarified that, by placing an order/s through GDS Mobile App/ Website/Number, a customer unconditionally and fully accepts all above terms and conditions of GDS.