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Venkatesh Iyer

20 years of experience in corporate consultancy, franchising chain and retail chain models
Key responsibilities: Business strategies & shaping the vision of brand Goli


Shivadas Menon

15 years of experience in corporate finance
Key responsibilities: Funds, retail operations and supply chain management

Venkatesh Iyer

From finance to food, from numerary to cookery, what a plunge! With over 15 yrs of work exp in the financial services, he has been instrumental in helping entrepreneurs translate ideas into business in the Modern Retail, Fashion & Computer education space. But one fine day, he decided to change his course and create what was then called a very creative food revolution! His ultimate dream has been of “Corporatization” of the humble Vada Pav and to see Vada Pav as a brand amongst the Pizzas & Burgers of the world. He’s a visionary par excellence who sees things beyond the obvious and it is this attitude that made his dream turn into reality!

Mission Statement

Capture the largest market share and be the No.1 ethnic fast food chain and to make Goli a household name with an impeccable customer service. Have a PAN INDIA presence, reaching out to even the Tier III and Tier IV cities.

Retain the original Indian taste and process it with 100% hygiene standards. Encourage spirit of entrepreneurship among ordinary people to deliver extraordinary results.

Nurture a mutually beneficial relationship with the Stake Holders, Partners and Investors and to become the most profitable venture for them.

Vision Statement

To be the No1. ethnic fast food chain conglomerate in India  by retaining the original Indian taste, processing it with highest hygiene standards in food quality .

About Us

It was indeed a crazy, crazy idea that Venkatesh Iyer and Shivadas Menon embarked upon! They wanted to make ‘Vada Pav’ the talk of the nation. They believed that the humble Vada Pav could stand tall among the burgers and pizzas of the world.

The road was uphill and steep, but the passion to follow through and the will to work incessantly turned the impossible into an absolute reality. From the first Goli store in early 2004 in the suburbs of Mumbai, to 275 stores across 51 cities and 14 states, Goli Vada Pav has carved a niche for itself.

This is just the beginning, there’s still more to come. “Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost”!

Why Goli Vada Pav?

What’s so special about Goli Vada Pav that gets everyone going?

[ps2id id=’section-1′ target=”/]Popular
– All time favourite and convenient fast food.
–  Less oily fried snacks
–  50 pcs can be fried in flat 6 minutes.
Universal Appeal
–  Potato, wheat and spices
Mobile Food
–  Eat on the go
Finger Food
–  No plates, spoons, tables & chairs
Standard Tasty Food
–  365 days a year, products taste ‘YUMMY’ across locations
Food for the Masses
–  Economic Pricing

What Can You Expect?

  • Business Model: A scalable time tested business model.
  • Brand: 8 year old well-established brand from Maharashtra
  • Standard Operating Procedures: in all aspects of business
  • Insulated against Inflation: Franchises insulated against inflation to a large extent
  • Logistics: End-to-End logistics support and regular replenishment of stocks.
  • Consumables: Oil for frying & Packaging Material
  • Sourcing: Complete centralised buying & sourcing(Oil to Packaging Materials)
  • Continuous R & D: Seasonal as well as breakfast menu on the cards
  • Footfalls: Continuous Marketing Support to drive in footfalls
  • Operations: Complete Operational Support to monitor and drive business
  • Training: Initial & refresher training for business owners and store staff
  • Shelf Life: Life of product increased to 9 month – Wastages reduced to nil
  • Dry Kitchen – Ready to fry Products: Only mode of cooking is frying

For franchise enquiries call us at:

  • South - Daniel Maigur: 9820687058

    North, Central, East & West - Sanjay Gupta: 9152015616


Goli Vada Pav Pvt. Ltd.

A 107–108 ,Kailash Industrial Complex, Powai Vikhroli Link Road,Park Site,
Vikhroli (W),Mumbai - 400 079 Maharashtra, INDIA

HO landline number 022-66895000

E-mail :




There are 250 Goli outlets across India. With more events, parties, corporate and bulk orders happening, Goli invites you to set up your own Goli Franchise, so you can earn quick bucks!

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